Severalls Exhibition


A joint exhibition featuring mine and my friend Luke Weall’s photos of Severalls Mental Hospital in Colchester, Essex taken over the past 3+ years, held at Slackspace, Colchester. Running from 15th August to 1st September. Come along if you can make it!

Nothing ever lasts forever

nothing ever lasts forever

Demolition has started on the outer buildings of Severalls Hospital. I visited again recently at night and it was harder to find a way in, but anything is possible if you try hard enough. The place certainly had a feeling of knowingness that it’s time is limited….. I will be very sad when it’s all rubble (bar the Water Tower & Admin Buildings which are listed).

This shot is taken in the old staff / kitchen area….


severalls mental hospital

One of my favourite places to explore. Endless corridors. Beautiful decay. Peaceful and mysterious. It sadly won’t be here for much longer 🙁